Mini Music Kids by Stanley Mouse

What Is a Mini Music Class?

“When we arrive at her class each week my one year old just beams...”

An Interactive Musical Experience

A Mini Music class is a forty-five minute interactive musical experience. Infants, toddlers and preschoolers (ages 0-5) are accompanied in the class by a parent, grandparent or caregiver. From the time the class begins to the sweet closing song, it is a journey through both upbeat and mellow movements, major and minor song keys and different time signatures and rhythmic rhymes. Children and grown-ups will play instruments including resonator bells, drums, egg shakers, rhythm sticks, jingle bells and more and dance with props including parachutes, ribbons and scarves.

There are twelve CDs and three years worth of Mini Music before the program repeats itself so join us for all the years of fun and music!


Over the course of the ten-week session (summer session is six weeks) all songs will be introduced and developed. CDs of session music will be provided both physically and digitally. Rhythmic and tonal patterns will be practiced encouraging growth in both babies' and grown-ups' musical understanding. Movement and dance will provide a visual and visceral musical lesson in addition to being fun and engaging. Mini Music classes are highly educational, rich with joy, and provide a beautiful bonding experience between child and parent or caregiver never to be forgotten.
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